We specialise in quality structural steel fabrication services. With a history spanning 60 years of engineering excellence, our workshop is equipped to handle structural beams and products for any size project – from residential home builds to commercial and industrial construction throughout Northland, Kaipara, and Rodney. 

All our fabricator welders are fully qualified to the required AS/NZS Standards for structural steel welding, and we have a fully HERA qualified IIW (B) Welding Supervisor carrying out welding supervision activities as set out in AS 2214:2004 – which includes 100% in house visual scanning of all welding. 

Our breadth of capacity allows us to handle all steel requirements on a site – from fabrication and erection of primary structural steel, to supply of secondary steel components - bollards, stairs, handrails & balustrades, gates and more. 

We operate using an extensive range of pre-qualified and 3rd party approved welding procedures.

Standards we work to include: 

  • AS/NZS 1554.1: Welding of steel structures
  • AS/NZS 1554.2: Stud welding (steel studs to steel)
  • AS/NZS 1554.3: Welding of reinforcing steel 
  • AS/NZS 1554.4: Welding of high strength quenched and tempered steels
  • AS/NZS 1554.5: Welding of steel structures subject to high levels of fatigue loading 
  • AS/NZS 1554.6: Welding stainless steels for structural purposes
  • AS/NZS 1554.7: Welding of sheet steel structures
  • AS/NZS 5131:2016: Structural steelwork - Fabrication and erection 




Commercial Steel Projects

As our capacity has grown, we have started working more and more with larger commercial build projects, supplying and erecting the structural steel on sites throughout northland for different building companies. 

Our large yard and workshop give us the capacity to handle large volumes of structural steel for commercial building projects – and our breadth of capabilities means that you, as the builder, have less subcontractors to manage, making your job easier. 

We work with you, your architect, and project manager to provide in-house fabrication and erection drawings for each project. Our workshop team are experts in what they do – producing precisely manufactured structural steel components which we deliver to site, and then erect and install for you. 

Commercial Steel Projects

Residential Steel Projects

We have also been supplying residential structural steel, stairs, and balustrades to builders throughout Northland for several years. We service all of Northland from Kaitaia to Auckland out of our centrally located Whangarei workshop and mobile site trucks.

Our fully equipped workshop and team of experienced engineers and welders allow us to work on a wide variety of projects, covering all aspects of a residential house build – from the structural steel required to hold the house up, to architectural steel stairs, spiral balustrades, handrails, and secure gates. 

We are uniquely positioned to handle all metalwork requirements onsite - from fabrication to delivery, erection and installation. Whether you need structural steel, gates and fencing, handrails and balustrades, stairs, or earthquake strengthening - we can do it all in-house, keeping your build on track.

Residential Steel Projects

Architectural Steel

Architecturally designed homes and considered design is growing in popularity - and to ensure the final building lives up to the expectations of the owners, it makes sense to partner with a structural steel fabricator who can handle highly detailed or complex architectural work.

Arcwell have a proven track record in completing high-specification structural and architectural builds - even working on a home featured on Three's Grand Designs NZ.

The team at Arcwell are available for advice and no-obligation quotations for your architectural steel project - and we are happy to use our years of experience in the field to make suggestions where appropriate. We treat it as a privilege to work alongside you to bring your property vision to life.

We are uniquely positioned to handle the bulk of the metalwork requirements onsite - from fabrication to delivery and installation. Whether it is structural steel, gates and fencing, handrails and balustrades, stairs, and earthquake strengthening - we can do it all in-house, keeping your build on track.

Architectural Steel

Earthquake Strengthening

Legislation and building standards have changed a lot since the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010/2011 - and in a country like New Zealand where severe earthquakes are a real and present risk, being prepared is much better than having a building come down. Expectations of users and insurers has also changed to ensure building safety.

Arcwell can offer a specialist service to strengthen vulnerable buildings and structures by installing steel bracing and structures into both heritage and more recent buildings. Seismic strengthening of earthquake-prone buildings is usually a viable option when compared to rebuilding - both practically and economically.

We have:

  • Practical Experience gained from previous successful seismic strengthening projects
  • A full range of capabilities from fabrication through to installation
  • Strong relationships with local technical experts and building companies
  • Large capacity with unrivalled local coverage
Earthquake Strengthening

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